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What our clients say

There is nothing quite as gratifying as a happy client — one who, after using our service, is willing to write about his/her experience. Here is what Doug Wilkie, Director of PV Solar UK has said about our service.

PV Solar UK Limited – Doug Wilkie, Director, Cambuslang Investment Park, Glasgow, Scotland

“We design, supply and install photovoltaic systems enabling customers to generate their own electricity and benefit from the 25 year government backed “feed in tariff” Giving an index linked tax free return on their investment, with extra income derived from selling their surplus energy to the national grid. It’s an environmentally-friendly way of producing electricity with an excellent financial return.

In simple terms, our message is that a modest investment can generate green energy in the short term and an actual profit in the medium term, while adding to the value of the owner’s property. However, we have to be aware that our customers are generally not accountants with an appetite for science and figures, and we need to differentiate with existing technology which is limited to only heating water.

Having worked with Richard Williams to produce a corporate video for a previously successful business. Richard showed us how to turn our company website into an internet TV portal. Clearly drawing on his sales experience, Richard put together a number of short films which explain each of the features and benefits of our system negating the need for a large text based site.

Now, instead of potential customers reading through pages of technical data they simply click and watch a series of TV presentations. It’s informative, easy to understand, gets our message across and clearly communicates the benefits of installing our product it’s a very effective and professional sales tool”.

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