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What our clients say

There is nothing quite as gratifying as a happy client — one who, after using our service, is willing to write about his/her experience. Here is what Doug Wilkie, Director of PV Solar UK has said about our service.

Aquashield Roof Coatings – Doug Wilkie, National Sales Manager, Atlas Industrial Estate, Glasgow

“We operate nationally, providing consumers with a long-term, lower cost alternative to the expense of a new roof. Our sales team is enthusiastic and highly motivated, aligning well with the company’s aspirations for continued growth. Customer feedback is testament to the professional work undertaken by our installers. All this is underpinned by our comprehensive 10 year guarantee.

Roof coating is well known in the USA and Australia, although awareness of the process is much lower in the uk. A key challenge for us has been communicating in a way that customers not only understand the science but, importantly, see it as a benefit in their own homes. We always knew that we had an excellent product; what we were looking for was a way in which to gain consumer confidence in our product and working practices and achieve our business targets by providing the best solution for householders.

We met Richard Williams from Worldwide IPTV and were soon impressed by his technical expertise and, importantly, his ability to present information in a way which the customers understand. Richard took the time to research our company, from the aspirations of the board, through the capabilities of our workforce and onto the genuine views of satisfied customers. In short, he showed us how best to support our sales team through the medium of tv – something we know people find easy to watch and quickly come to trust.

Richard scripted, filmed and produced a short film for our sales team to use in customers’ homes on portable dvd players. It provides the opportunity for potential buyers to both understand our installation process and get to know the science behind it, while at the same time seeing the entire installation from beginning to end along side face to face interviews with real customers. Worldwide IPTV has provided an excellent way for us to communicate our message, getting it across clearly and consistently and is readily understood. we’re very pleased with the finished result”.

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